Empty Arms Bereavement

Resources for Family and Friends

What can I do?

When a family member or friend suffers a pregnancy or infant loss, how best to support them can be uncertain. You might feel unprepared to offer support to your loved one and be asking, “What can I do?” It’s likely you are also grieving this loss, and trying to find a balance between your own sadness and your desire to support the baby’s parents can be a challenge.

We hope the resources below will be useful for navigating this difficult course. We also suggest reading through some of the resources within the Resources for Parents section to gain a better understanding of what your loved one may be experiencing.

Empty Arms is a resource for you. We invite you to reach out by phone or email for support and guidance during this difficult time.

What to say & do

How to comfort the bereaved without hurting them further.

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Supporting a Coworker

Most friends and co-workers are unsure of how to support bereaved parents in the work environment.

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