Empty Arms Bereavement

Resources for Parents

Support groups

We offer ongoing monthly groups for a variety of losses. All are welcome to join our cozy support circles. Currently all of our support groups meet virtually using the Zoom platform.

Individual support

We offer email, phone, and in-person support. You can come to us, or we can come to you. How can we help you?

stillbirth resources

Your baby who was stillborn matters. These resources are here to support you.

Infant loss resources

There is no way to plan for your baby to die after birth. Let these resources help you.

miscarriage resources

Have you experienced miscarriage or are you currently miscarrying? Here is what to expect, questions you might have, and how to seek support.

termination for medical reasons (tfmr)

We acknowledge that this decision was made out of love for your baby and want to support you.


We recognize and value that those who are struggling to conceive a child also may have aching, empty arms and may have experienced loss.

lactation after loss

If your milk is coming in after a loss, here is what you can do.

pregnancy after loss

If you're pregnant again after a loss, you may be struggling with a number of complicated and conflicting feelings.

parents of color support

Pregnancy and infant loss disproportionately impacts people of color. This page is for non-white parents navigating loss.

lgbtq+ loss

When loss occurs, the devastation that follows for LGBTQ+ folks can often be deep and complicated. We are here to support your unique grief.

single parent support

Experiencing loss as a single parent can present unique challenges. You don’t have to grieve alone.

stories from our community

You are not alone. For some, reading through stories may bring a sense of community, connectedness, and hope.

trusted therapists

Individual and couples therapy can be incredibly helpful for grieving families.

Talking to children about loss

Although each family’s situation is unique, there are some general suggestions that may be helpful in approaching these difficult discussions.

remembrance, rituals, and funeral

There are so many ways to honor your baby's life and to keep their memory alive.

online resources

Loss can feel isolating for most parents, and being present with other parents who share this journey can be so helpful.

suggested readings

Curling up with a book can sometimes be what we need in times of grief.