Empty Arms Bereavement

Abortion Resources

When it comes to abortion, Empty Arms’ resources are only appropriate for those who have chosen to end a pregnancy because of a poor prenatal diagnosis. You can find information about our Termination for Medical Reasons support here.

We are staunchly pro-choice under all circumstances, and if you’re here because you’re struggling after an elective abortion, recently or long ago, our hearts go out to you. We honor that there can be a significant grief process and readjustment period and even lifelong emotional complications following any abortion.

While Empty Arms groups won’t fit exactly what you need if you didn’t have a medical diagnosis preceding your abortion, we encourage you to check out these resources if you're seeking that kind of support.

The National Abortion Federation is both a funding and referral Hotline for people seeking abortion care, including termination for medical reasons.

Hotline: 1-800-772-9100 (if you are looking for clinic referrals, and/or need support paying for procedure costs and/or travel)

The National Network of Abortion Funds has both a list of safe, legal clinic resources as well as local funds to help pay for procedure costs and/or travel.

AbortionFinder.org is the most comprehensive directory of 700+ trusted and verified health centers with abortion service providers in the United States.

Exhale Pro-Voice is a free, anonymous textline that offers non-judgmental after-abortion support.


The textline is also available to partners, parents, family members, friends, and allies – including mental health clinicians, abortion providers, doulas, and others offering abortion-related care.

Connect & Breathe is a free, anonymous talkline that offers non-judgmental after-abortion support.


“Connect & Breathe creates a safe space to talk about abortion experiences by offering a talkline staffed by people trained to listen and provide unbiased support and encouragement of self-care. Whether abortion has affected you or a loved one, yesterday or years ago, we are here for you.”

Faith Aloud is a free, anonymous talkline that offers non-judgemental counseling from compassionate clergy and religious counselors.


Faith Aloud’s clergy counselors represent diverse faith backgrounds, and are all trained to support people across religious denomination.

All-Options is a free, anonymous talkline that offers non-judgmental support if you want to talk about a past or current experience with abortion, adoption, parenting, infertility or pregnancy loss.


Postpartum Support International offers free support groups for perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, pregnancy and infant loss, fertility challenges, elective abortion, TFMR, post-abortion, and support for family and friends.