Empty Arms Bereavement

Pregnancy after Loss Support

If you're pregnant again after a loss, you may be struggling with a number of complicated and conflicting feelings. Please feel free to use Empty Arms as a resource, either by attending our Subsequent Choices Support Group or by being in touch via phone or email so we can talk and find you a peer to connect with.  Many people have found that coming to our office for a cup of coffee or tea and a quiet, individual meeting is a good way to begin processing a pregnancy after loss.

Pregnancy After Loss Support is an extremely comprehensive website that can give you all kinds of perspectives and information about this experience. We don't need to reinvent the wheel, so if you're looking for online support, we recommend this site highly.

If you're interested in having a doula to advocate for your potentially delicate emotions around the time of your birth, we do maintain a list of compassionate, skilled doulas, most of whom have attended Empty Arms trainings. If you aren't familiar with what a doula can do for you, here is a very detailed definition of the help they can provide. Many of our families who have gone on to have babies after a loss have found it helpful to have an advocate by their side who understands what a mixed, emotional experience it is to give birth again when you've experienced loss.