Empty Arms Bereavement

Resources for Professionals

This is not easy work.

At Empty Arms, we know that being a caregiver for families experiencing loss can be terrifying. We also know caregivers have an incredible influence over our hospital experiences. Ensuring that providers feel equipped to compassionately care for the bereaved is one of our primary goals. It's the starting point for the support we offer the families who need us.

Below are links to the ways that we work with professionals. There are also resources you may be able to use in your own work.

presentations & professional development

Empty Arms both organizes and hosts larger education events, as well as offers smaller professional trainings tailored to a group of providers wishing to increase their own knowledge of how to compassionately care for the bereaved.

Hand and Foot casting

Our volunteers work with local medical facilities to offer hand and foot casts at the time of birth for bereaved families. This offers families an irreplaceable memento of their child

Peer Companion Program

Empty Arms has several trained, experienced volunteers who are on call to these birth centers to assist families who are experiencing a stillbirth or newborn death.

Miscarriage comfort kit

If you're a practitioner who works with women who may be miscarrying, we recommend that you put together a take-home kit of supplies that might be useful when that miscarriage occurs.

Lactation after Loss

Empty Arms is proud to offer our own, compassionately written "Lactation After Loss" pamphlet which is now being used in hospitals in over 20 states nationwide.


Hear what professionals who have attended an Empty Arms Bereavement presentation or training have to say.