Empty Arms Bereavement

About our Bereavement Support Group room change…

At Empty Arms, we always aim to offer families the support they need in the best way possible. Sometimes, it’s really hard to return to the place where your baby has died for support. We have heard this many times over the years, but lately we’ve been hearing it more. Coming to the hospital was feeling hard for folks, and we heard this loud and clear.

While we’re grateful to Cooley Dickinson for continually offering us space to meet, at this point it makes more sense for the comfort of those coming to meetings to find a more neutral space. Baystate has a new outpatient center on King Street in Northampton, with a shiny new community room they are happy to let us use. So, for the foreseeable future, we will be meeting there. Our meeting time will be bumped to 7:15 PM to allow us to have a representative at the conference room at Cooley in case somebody comes there to meet.

Thanks so much for understanding as we work to meet everyone’s needs as best we can! 

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