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1 thought on “Meet Our Board of Directors: Megan Mayo, BSN, RN, CPLC”

  1. Megan may have never been touched by babyloss herself, but I can personally vouch for the compassionate care she offers her patients—and how that translates into her professional work as an Empty Arms board member.

    Megan was my L&D nurse when I gave birth to my rainbow baby after two miscarriages. She took my concerns for the safety and wellbeing of my baby throughout labor with the deepest of consideration. My fears were fully heard and held. I had asked for a host of extra reassurance and monitoring throughout labor, and I have vivid memories of the warmth and kindness she exuded throughout the (very, very!) long process. She made me feel like my L&D worries were mine to have and hers to honor, and I am enormously grateful for the way that she single-handedly affected the positive outcome of my son’s delivery.

    As a fellow Empty Arms board member, it’s a privilege for me to get to see her bring her immense experience in working with families to our organization. Megan is on the ground every day, directly implementing the best practices our group could only hope all practices would emulate.

    In short, Megan, you rock. Thank you for giving your gifts to our community.

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