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Our Stories: Our son, Cameron Brooks LaValley

Empty Arms is highlighting our beautiful community members and their babies. We’re so grateful that they’re sharing their stories with us! 

Tell us about you.
I am a 46-year-old father of three, with one more on the way. My wife and I lost our son Cameron at 38 weeks in between our second and third living children. I have been a police officer for 18 years.

Tell us about your baby or babies. What do you want people to know about them? 
Cameron Brooks LaValley was stillborn on July 5, 2013.

How did your baby and your grief journey change you as a person?
It made me realize what me and my wife could get through together. It made me understand how incredibly strong my wife is. I never needed reasons to appreciate and love my family every day…our experience just reenforced everything I had been doing. A year after our loss, I had several experiences involving anxiety attacks. It led me to a place where I discovered many things about myself, good and bad, but things that have made me a better person, husband and father. It made me slow down and live in the moment more than I ever had.

What was the most important way Empty Arms offered you support? 
It gave me a connection with others who have experienced loss. It supported and did not judge the ways in which we chose to incorporate the loss into our lives. It helped us feel less lonely and gave us a resource that allows us to grieve and celebrate in many different ways.

1 thought on “Our Stories: Our son, Cameron Brooks LaValley”

  1. Jackie Wheeler

    I have watched my son and daughter-in-law walk through this sad journey together. It has made them stronger even though it has left such an empty void in their lives. I know the support they have received from so many and especially Empty Arms. They are so fortunate to have 3 other beautiful children with another child due in May.
    My heart aches for all those who have lost children and hope they also receive the love and support of Empty Arms as well as family and friends.

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