Empty Arms Bereavement

1 thought on “What To Tell Kids”

  1. Thank you for posting this. I lost my son Everett on 2/22/15. He was 9 months old. It was after 4 months of cancer taking over his little body. I became pregnant by July with his sister, Everly. Clearly, her name is in honor of him and yes, there are pictures of him everywhere in my home. My grief has manifested into productivity instead of sadness. I’m grateful for that most of the time but know there are times when I should be paying attention to her but I’m busy. I hope this does not affect her long term. She does get tons and tons of love, like 2 times the love, in my opinion, since her brother isn’t here to actually receive it. Anyway, I hope she grows up to be empathetic to others’ suffering. I don’t want her to feel too much pain, but i want her to know that life isn’t always gumballs and lollipops. That is what I want my grief to manifest as in her… empathy. I’m trying my best. xoxo

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