Empty Arms Bereavement

Meet our Peer Companion: Dana Carnegie

Hello, I’m Dana Carnegie, a transplant to New England from the subtropics who has fully embraced the four beautiful and distinct seasons of the Connecticut River Valley for nearly two decades. I met Carol McMurrich in 2006 when a mutual friend connected us following the stillbirth of my daughter, Pearl. I had absolutely no idea how to proceed in grief or in life after such a shocking and profound loss but Carol appeared, and helped guide me along the way. I remain forever grateful.

I serve as the communications manager for the Girl Scouts of Central and Western Massachusettsand have a talent for media and public relations, and a passion for advocacy work on behalf of girls and women and the environment. I am a member of my town’s Democratic Committee; I serve on the board of The Communicators Club of Worcester, I volunteer with Valley Eye Radio, and I cherish my role as a peer companion for Empty Arms Bereavement Support.

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