Empty Arms Bereavement

Meet our Support Group Facilitator, Abi Frazier


I wish I knew how to introduce myself without starting at the very beginning, or at least the beginning for me. Born, raised and residing in Oklahoma, I was so fortunate to find the Empty Arms community in my hour of need. I ended a very wanted pregnancy in 2021. Devastated, confused, and desperate to share about my daughter, Cadi, and my experience in an authentic and trusted space, I spent countless hours online looking for resources. My search brought me all the way to Massachusetts. Carol and I spoke over the phone and it was as though she had reached across the miles to extend a hand of comfort and support. Attending the TFMR and Subsequent Choices group (virtually, though I find myself pricing airline tickets), experiencing the community and sharing our stories has been a vital piece of my healing journey, of upholding my daughter’s memory and navigating life as a bereaved TFMR mama. I am so thankful for the opportunity to facilitate these valuable spaces, filled with love and grief.

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