Eva’s Story

My name is Sadie and my husband of 11 years is Arthur.  In 2010, our daughter Eva Margaret was born and died in our arms 7 weeks, 6 days later.  Since her life, we have struggled with grief, infertility, and a subsequent miscarriage. Two years ago, our rainbow baby, David, was born and has brought great healing. It’s true; love heals all things.  We have walked a long journey in the last five years that has strengthened our faith in God and our commitment to one another.  It has taken me five years to finally put Eva’s story in writing.  The grieving process has been long and grueling.  When asked by the Empty Arms Bereavement Support community to write a blog post for their “Meet the Family” section, I thought, “This is my chance to share her whole story.”  It was just the motivation I needed; my favorite community organization and a short deadline to keep me from procrastinating!  The story of Eva’s life has been building inside of me for too long, it is ready to be shared.  In honor of my Eva Margaret’s 5th birthday on August 14th, and her 5th anniversary on October 8th; I present to you the story of her life.