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POC Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group


WHEN: We will meet virtually using the Zoom platform on the 4th Monday of each month from 7-9 PM starting in March 2022. Please always check the calendar to confirm— if our meetings fall on or very near to holidays, we move the dates around!

WHERE: Since the imagining of a POC group, our hope has been a cozy space located in the Springfield area. However, due to the current state of the pandemic, we have decided to hold the group virtually. In the meantime, we will continue to look for a space that feels just right for our community to gather in person.

WHAT: This group is free & open to non-white families who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss. The express intent of this group is to provide a safe and affirming space for people of color to share their unique loss experiences. We ask that those who identify as white respect the intention of this space as a space solely for people of color and join us at one of our other monthly groups.

Our facilitator Emy Collins and Marisa Pizii hold this space for you. Please click her name to read her full bio.


POC Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group

POC Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Group

The experience of pregnancy or baby loss can be isolating and devastating. We commit to supporting you by naming the incredible personal, cultural and systemic challenges you are facing. We want to hear your story because it is an important part of who you are, and we know there are few places where you can share it.

We know that for people of color, our losses are often complicated by the circumstances surrounding them. We affirm that pregnancy and infant loss happen far more frequently within our communities. Racism, medical mistreatment, and environmental stressors are only a few of the underlying factors that affect our experiences. We hold space for these realities and the complex feelings that stem from them.

You are all at different places in your journeys, and grief takes many forms. Whether you come here with deep sadness, rage, or peace, your feelings are valid. You will never be asked to quiet your emotions. Whatever you are feeling, you can be sure that someone else in the circle has experienced that feeling before.

Each of you is welcome here, regardless of the gestation or age at which your pregnancy ended or your baby died, or whether or not you have living children. In this space we come together united by our love and our grief, with a hope of creating community and honoring our losses in whatever ways feel right. We recognize the complexities of, and hold space for all of these varied realities.

How you participate in this meeting is up to you. There are no expectations. You’ve made it into this circle, which means you now have the power to use this space in whatever way feels right, whether that’s sharing your whole story or just listening to others. You get to decide.

We have witnessed hundreds of people survive what often feels unsurvivable. We believe that the very act of coming to this group demonstrates your commitment to your own growth and healing. And it is our hope that being part of this community will allow each of you to arrive at a more peaceful place.